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Maserati Ghibli S Q4, the gorgeous luxury sedan

by Bisura on Jan 11, 2017 Promotion 20 Views

The Italian automaker’s mid-size sedan Ghibli S Q4, dressed in a gorgeous Blue Emozione paint, draws stares at every stop. Styled more conservatively than other European sport sedans, there is undoubtedly something unique about the design of Ghibli that attracts instant attention. But Ghibli has got a tough crowd to please, as it’s going up against a handful of established competitors, notably with a higher price tag too.

It all starts with the Ghibli’s key fob, which is as heavy as it looks. Hit the unlock button and a beautiful strip of LEDs awaken, helping to accentuate the deep shark nose and aggressive coupe-like stance. The front end and oceanic Blue Emozione paint seems to catch everyone’s attention, but the interior has much more sedated environment. The layout is simplistic, but you can tell that every detail has been given meticulous attention. The sporty seats are wrapped in soft leather and the look is stylish and luxurious.


The iconic Maserati grille, the triple front-fender vents, the sculpted creases and curves, the fluid coupe-like roofline, the classic trident logos, the muscular rear-drive proportions and lean athletic stance, all add up to a unique blend of Italian sportiness and elegance.



Ghibli has two stylish lines that converge in front of the rear fenders and three large air vents behind the front wheels. The headlights stand out, thanks to the LED daytime running lights. At the rear, the tapered lines give the car a coupe-like look, while the twin chrome exhaust pipes on each side add to the aggressive styling. The aggressive front headlights emphasise the overall dynamic design. Incorporated in the headlight units, the LED indicator lights replicate the distinctive design of Maserati’s three signature side air vents. Sport package 20-inch alloy wheels stand out, especially when combined with the optional red painted brake calipers. A Maserati, no matter the price, always looks best when decked out with high-performance wheels, tyres, and brakes.


The traditional Maserati analogue clock with blue face and aluminium details sits in the centre of the dashboard, just above the 8.4-inch Chrysler-sourced touch-screen display that is the control centre for most onboard devices like navigation, entertainment, and climate control.



Taking up position in the driver’s seat allows me to focus my attention on the brushed metal trimmed analogue speedometer and tachometer. The digital readout in the centre is a nice touch and can be configured to provide additional useful information. A 3-spoke steering wheel is functional and elegant with its chrome accents, easy-to-access paddle-shifters and soft leather covering with proper thumb grips.

The front bucket seats are ample and plush. The all-electric front seat adjustment system helps to achieve the optimal driving position in terms of height, depth and the angle of the back and seat, and also includes four different lumbar support settings. The optional pedal height adjustment system, operated by a control in the front of the driving seat, allows the precise positioning of the accelerator and brake pedals.

The stout gear shifter is new, though largely reminiscent of parent company FCA’s (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) electronic shifter, which garnered many complaints due to its complex joystick-like nature to bounce back to its original centre position after shifting to a gear.

In all honesty, it does take some getting used to. More often than not, shifting from drive to park results in selecting reverse by mistake. Up front, legroom is generous for even a 6-foot-plus driver or passenger, but back seat legroom is more in line with a compact sedan than a mid-size. Similarly, headroom in back is compromised due to the steeply sloping roofline. Cargo room is a generous 500 litres in the trunk compartment.

On the road

The Ghibli has two driving modes to choose from: Normal and sport. The all-wheel drive sedan is powered by a 404bhp Ferrari-tuned 3.0ltr twin-turbo V6 engine with 550Nm of torque. The acceleration is responsive, and holds power throughout the range, giving all the snappy drive you’d want from a car that can also fit your family.



The Ghibli has got hydraulic steering, which is very well weighted with moderate feedback. When we switch on to Sport Mode, Ghibli morphs into a totally different animal — the Italian automaker know how to make a good sounding engine. Swing the needle past 3,200rpm, wait for the exhaust valves to open, and the car will sing a smooth tune that will drop your jaw and raise those goose bumps.

Throttle response becomes sharper, gear changes are held longer and swapped quicker, and the driving experience delivered is unmatched in this segment. In normal driving mode all systems are toned down and the sensation is one of quiet comfort with the emphasis more on fuel economy than performance.

Tech Specs

Engine: 3.0L Twin-Turbo V6
Transmission: Eight-Speed ZF Automatic
Power: 404bhp, 550Nm (1750rpm)
Performance: 0-100kph: 4.6 seconds
Top Speed: 283kph
Trunk Capacity: 500ltr
Fuel Tank Capacity: 79.8ltr
Curb Weight: 1,870kg

Authorised Dealer

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